Saving Natchez Trace Parkway Viewshed from Rochford Mega Density Development


The concept plan for the Stephens Valley mega density subdivision was recently and reluctantly approved by the Williamson County Planning Commission.  Stephens Valley is surrounded on three sides by the National Parks Service’s Natchez Trace Parkway. The intense density of this development will destroy the scenic viewshed for travelers on this National Parkway as they reach its terminus at Highway 100.  

Rochford’s mega density will flood the Old Natchez Trace with a tsunami of traffic as well as other scenic, historic rural roads: Sneed, Pasquo, Old Hillsboro Road, Vaughn, Temple and Del Rio.  

The northwest corner of Williamson County holds a very rich inventory of historic, scenic, culturally significant and environmentally sensitive resources. It appears it is up to the citizens of our community to protect and preserve them.  

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